fibre optic communication is the ideal choice:-

For gigabits and beyond gigabits transmission of data, the fibre optic communication is the ideal choice. This type of communication is used to transmit voice, video, telemetry and data over long distances and local area networks or computer networks. A fiber Optic Communication System utilizes light wave innovation to transmit the information over a fiber by changing electronic signs into light.

How a Fibre Optic Communication Works?

Not at all like copper wire based transmission where the transmission altogether relies upon electrical flags going through the link, the fiber optics transmission includes transmission of signs as light from one point to the next.


At the point when the info information, as electrical signs, is given to the transmitter hardware, it changes over them into light flag with the assistance of a light source. This source is of LED whose plentifulness, recurrence and stages must stay steady and free from variance so as to have productive transmission.

2 Basic Elements of a Fiber Optic Communication System

There are three main basic elements of fibre optic communication system. They are

  1. Compact Light Source
  2. Low loss Optical Fibre

1. Compact Light Source

Depending on the applications like local area networks and the long haul communication systems, the light source requirements vary. The requirements of the sources include power, speed, spectral line width, noise, ruggedness, cost, temperature, and so on.

The light emitting diodes are used for short distances and low data rate applications due to their low bandwidth and power capabilities. Two such LEDs structures include Surface and Edge Emitting Systems. The surface emitting diodes are simple in design and are reliable, but due to its broader line width and modulation frequency limitation edge emitting diode are mostly used. Edge emitting diodes have high power and narrower line width capabilities.

2. Low Loss Optical Fibre


Optical fibre is a link, which is otherwise called round and hollow dielectric waveguide made of low misfortune material. An optical fibre likewise considers the parameters like nature in which it is working, the elasticity, toughness and unbending nature. The Fibre optic link is made of great expelled glass (si) or plastic, and it is adaptable. The breadth of the fibre optic link is in the middle of 0.25 to 0.5mm (marginally thicker than a human hair).

Fiber Optic Cable

A Fibre Optic Cable consists of four parts.

  • Core
  • Cladding
  • Buffer
  • Jacket


The center of a fibre link is a barrel of plastic that runs up and down the fibre link’s length, and offers security by cladding. The width of the center relies upon the application utilized. Because of inward reflection, the light going inside the center reflects from the center, the cladding limit. The center cross segment should be a roundabout one for the vast majority of the applications.


Cladding is an external optical material that secures the center. The primary capacity of the cladding is that it mirrors the light over into the center. At the point when light enters through the center (thick material) into the cladding(less thick material), it changes its edge, and after that reflects back profoundly.


The primary capacity of the cradle is to shield the fiber from harm and a huge number of optical strands organized in many optical links. These packs are secured by the link’s external covering that is called JACKET.


Fibre optic link’s  are accessible in various hues that can without much of a stretch influence us to perceive the correct shade of the link we are managing. The shading yellow unmistakably implies a solitary mode link, and orange shading demonstrates multimode.

2 Types of Optical Fibres

Single-Mode Fibres:Single mode filaments are utilized to transmit one flag for every fiber; these strands are utilized as a part of phone and TVs. Single mode strands have little centers.

Multi-Mode Fibres: Multimode strands are utilized to transmit numerous signs per fiber; these signs are utilized as a part of PC and neighborhood that have bigger centers.