Product Description

Quality Heat Shrink splice protectors

are a key component in ensuring the longevity and stability of your fibre network. Fibre Optic Systems offers a range of high quality heat shrink splice protectors that help to maintain a robust connection in your optical network. With a broad range of fibre trays and cassettes in the market requiring many variations in the length and diameter of suitable protector, Fibre Optic Systems keeps a wide range of sizes to ensure the correct fitment.

Splice protectors are constructed with a stainless steel strength member rod for single fibre, or ceramic for ribbon fibre, that provide strength and remove any damaging flexibility from the join. An inner coating of co-polymer adhesive bonds to the fibre coating to ensure no dust or water ingress into the splice along with an outer shrinking sleeve that holds the rod firm against the splice in a similar manner to a splint.

Fibre Optic Systems heat shrink splice protectors are compatible with all major fusion splicer brands on the market – including Inno Instrument and Sumitomo – to see a range of quality fusion splicers, see the links below, follow this link or phone us directly to speak to the knowledgeable team at Fibre Optic Systems.