//Optical Fibre Cable

Fibre optic cable serves

as the core backbone for all fibre optic networking. Fibre cable usually acts as the main and longest link between network transceivers. As a result it is imperative to select the appropriate type and quality of cable for your fibre network. Available in singlemode and OM1, OM3, and OM4 multimode to match your transceiver, FOS has cables to suit virtually all requirements. Fibre Optic Systems stocks a wide range of premium quality, low loss & high grade fibre optic cable in various constructions.

Fibre optic systems offers fibre cable in:

1. Loose tube cable for long distance outdoor fibre links in armoured and unarmoured varieties
2. Various tight buffered cable types for indoor/outdoor short fibre runs, preterminated cable assemblies and flexible installs
3. Specialty cable including military tactical cable, aerial cables and fire rated cables
4. A range of application specific and unusual cable types are available so please call for anything not listed

Optical Fibre Cable - Assembly Fibre Cable

Assembly Fibre Cable

Assembly Fibre Cable

Fibre Optic Systems provides a comprehensive range of assembly cable suitable for fibre optic patch leads. Available in singlemode simplex and figure-eight duplex, and OM1, OM3 & OM4 multimode duplex. Various jacket sizes are available to suit your preferred application.

Optical Fibre Cable - Loose Tube Cable

Loose Tube Cable

Loose tube fibre cable

is the most commonly utilised family of fibre optic cable for outdoor and long run telecommunications networks. It is ideally suited for outdoor environments where extreme environmental conditions play a major role in cable selection. Gel filled tubes offer protection for the fibres in wide operating temperatures. Armoured cables prevent damage from rodents, termites and physical damage. Constructed with layers of densly packed tubes of 250 micron fibre allow for high fibre counts in compact cable diameters. Utilising an S-Z arrangement of tubes wrapped around a central strength member.

Fibre optic systems offers loose tube cable in:

1. Nylon jacket for standard installations
2. Sacrificial sheath for heavily termite infested areas
3. Fibreglass armoured for protection from non-burrowing rodents
4. Corrugated steel tape armoured for protection from a wide range of environmental factors

Optical Fibre Cable - Military & Specialty Cable

Military & Specialty Cable

Military & Specialty Fibre Optic Cables

&  Fibre Optic Systems specialty cable range encompasses cable types such as military tactical grade, aerial self supporting cable, fire rated cable and other uncommon cable types suitable for specific network or environmental requirements. Our range of specialty cable is tried and tested in a range of challenging environments and suitable when standard cable isn’t sufficient.

Fibre optic systems offers a range of specialty cable types:

1. Military distribution and breakout cable for deployable cabling requirements and harsh environment connectivity
2. Aerial self supporting cable for overhead fibre wiring
3. Fire rated cabling for fire prone areas
4. Hybrid fire cables and other armoured fibre cables available

Optical Fibre Cable - Tight Buffered Cable

Tight Buffered Cable

Tight buffered fibre cable

is a family of fibre optic cable that encompasses a range of constructions. Typically utilised indoors, tight buffered cable has clear advantages over loose tube construction cable for short runs. These cables are manufactured with multiple individually buffered fibres wrapped in kevlar and an outer jacket, sometimes with a central polymer strength member, but often without. Kevlar reinforcement offers excellent mechanical properties while maintaining flexibility, an various jacket types offer flexibility for your network installation.

Fibre optic systems offers tight buffered cable in:

1. Indoor/outdoor riser for standard installations
2. Indoor/outdoor breakout cable for short lengths and ruggedised patch leads
3. Subgroup cable for high fibre count cables requiring excellent durability
4. Microcore and bundled microcore for datacentre and enterprise high density networks