//MTP® Cabling System

MTP® Cabling System

Fibre Optic Systems’ MTP® Cabling System is a pre-terminated cabling system that offers plug and play connectivity for high fibre count and high density networks.

MTP®, or mechanical transfer push-on, is a US CONEC trademark high performance MPO connector engineered for high performance. FOS utilises US CONEC MTP® connectors and adapters throughout its MTP® Cabling System to ensure low loss and consistent results. FOS offers a full range of cabling, enclosures, cassettes and accessories for your plug and play fibre network including:

1. MTP® trunk cables in male and female, in polarity method A, B or C
2. MTP® cassettes in polarity method A, B or C
3. MTP® housing to accept MTP® cassettes and coupler panels in a range of densities
4. Accessories including complementary passive fibre components, cable management accessories, cleaning equipment and test & measure

MTP® Cabling System - CoreLink EHD Enclosures

CoreLink EHD Enclosures

FOS’ CoreLink EHD enclosures are a range of Australian designed housings to suit a wide variety of CoreLink EHD cassettes and coupler panels. Availble in two versatile densities to suit your network requirements.

All CoreLink EHD enclosures are fully compatible with the full line of EHD cassettes and coupler panels.

MTP® Cabling System - CoreLink EHD Cabling

CoreLink EHD Cabling

FOS offers MTP® trunks and fanouts, fully compatible with all EHD MTP® systems, in a range of configurations. Available in method A, B or C, on OM1, OM3, OM4 or SM cable on both single jacket round microcore, or double jacket cable. Different cable jacket colours are available for network idenitification. US CONEC MTP® connectors are used through the CoreLink EHD MTP® system.