Loose tube fibre cable

is the most commonly utilised family of fibre optic cable for outdoor and long run telecommunications networks. It is ideally suited for outdoor environments where extreme environmental conditions play a major role in cable selection. Gel filled tubes offer protection for the fibres in wide operating temperatures. Armoured cables prevent damage from rodents, termites and physical damage. Constructed with layers of densly packed tubes of 250 micron fibre allow for high fibre counts in compact cable diameters. Utilising an S-Z arrangement of tubes wrapped around a central strength member.

Fibre optic systems offers loose tube cable in:

1. Nylon jacket for standard installations
2. Sacrificial sheath for heavily termite infested areas
3. Fibreglass armoured for protection from non-burrowing rodents
4. Corrugated steel tape armoured for protection from a wide range of environmental factors