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Multifibre Micro Cable

Product Code : CAB-SMC
Micro cable and double jacket/subgroup micro cable is ideal for indoor installations requiring a flexible, lightweight and reliable cable design where high fibre counts and small size is critical.
The high fibre counts and low cable diameter make micro cable the preferred cable for most enterprise level networks including MTP® and MPO and other preterminated networks.
The compact construction limits cable congestion in populous networks.
Available in a variety of fibre counts in single jacket or double jacket/subgrouped construction.
MTP® is a registered trademark of US CONEC

• Compact construction and high fibre count suit populous networks
• High strength to weight ratio allows for easy handling and long term installation reliability
• Smaller and lighter than distribution style cable constructions
• Low smoke zero halogen emitting jacket - perfectly suited to data centre installations
• Wide operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C
• Perfectly suited to MTP® backbone leads in cross connect networks
• Flexible cable construction allows for easy handling and management in enclosures
• Singlemode and multimode fibre variants available
• 12 to 144 fibre constuctions

• Data centre and enterprise networks
• Storage area networks - fibre channel
• Local area network backbone links
• Highly populated telecommunications exchanges.

See datasheet for technical specifications.


  • Optical Cable Corporation

  • Sumitomo Electric

  • Kingfisher International

  • Sumix

  • Stratos Connectivity Solutions

  • Inno Instrument

  • Anritsu

  • Powershield