//MTP® Cabling System

Fibre Optic Systems’ MTP® Cabling System is a pre-terminated cabling system that offers plug and play connectivity for high fibre count and high density networks.

MTP®, or mechanical transfer push-on, is a US CONEC trademark high performance MPO connector engineered for high performance. FOS utilises US CONEC MTP® connectors and adapters throughout its MTP® Cabling System to ensure low loss and consistent results. FOS offers a full range of cabling, enclosures, cassettes and accessories for your plug and play fibre network including:

1. MTP® trunk cables in male and female, in polarity method A, B or C
2. MTP® cassettes in polarity method A, B or C
3. MTP® housing to accept MTP® cassettes and coupler panels in a range of densities
4. Accessories including complementary passive fibre components, cable management accessories, cleaning equipment and test & measure