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Fibre Optic Launch Leads

Product Code : LL

Fibre Optic Launch Leads are utilised when employing OTDR network testing to overcome the errors associated with inserting the tested cable directly into the OTDR unit. By providing a buffer zone, the launch lead enables accurate loss measurements throughout the link.

• OTDR launch lead/pulse suppressor
• OTDR calibration & testing
• Emulation of loss, length, time delay & r eflectance

• Crush proof, robust IP67 case ensures fibre safety during transport and storage even in harsh environments
• Wide range of Telcordia GR326 compliant connector variants available
• Launch solutions for both singlemode and multimode fibre available
• Unit can be optioned with up to 1000m of fibre cable
• Can be employed to meet testing standards as set out in ISO/IEC 14763-3:2006

See datasheet for technical specifications


  • Optical Cable Corporation

  • Sumitomo Electric

  • Kingfisher International

  • Sumix

  • Stratos Connectivity Solutions

  • Inno Instrument

  • Anritsu

  • Powershield