Product Description

The S960(Multimode 2 ~ 8 Channel)

Series Eurocom Type II connector, specified within NATO and the German Military, benefits from Stratos expanded beam technology. With a long and proven industry track record, the precision optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust, oil, and other contaminants which normally ingress the optical path and rapidly deteriorate performance in a field environment.
With over 10 years of service, the S960 Series is the favored military solution, providing excellent stable performance in hostile environments.
Ideally suited in environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick reparability is necessary, the connectors are uniquely field installable.
A broad range of multi-channel configurations including bulkhead feed throughs are available in a variety of shell materials, making the 960 Series suitable for use in extreme sub zero & marine environments through to military platforms used in the most hostile of desert conditions.
The 960 Series Expanded Beam Fibre Optic Connectors deliver aproven pedigree and world beating capability.

Technical Specification Sheet