//Fusion Splicing Equipment

Fusion Splicing Equipment

Fusion splicing is the process by which two glass fibres are joined at the ends by means of an electric arc. The purpose of fusion splicing is to create a seamless join between two fibres where the transmitted light is not reflected or scattered back up the optical cable. When compared to other mechanical methods of fibre joining, fusion splicing offers much lower loss and near zero back reflection.

At Fibre Optic Systems, we offer a range of premium splicing equipment including fusion splicers, cleavers and accessories. Selecting quality equipment is key to ensuring low insertion loss, high return loss and network longevity.

Fibre Optic Systems is a key distributor of leading brands including:

  • INNO Instrument
  • Sumitomo
  • Plus many more

Call us today to speak to a team member at Fibre Optic Systems about the right splicing equipment for your optical network.

Fusion Splicing Equipment - Fibre Cleavers

Fibre Cleavers

Fibre Cleavers

Fusion Splicing Equipment - Splicing Accessories and Consumables

Splicing Accessories and Consumables

Fusion Splicing Equipment - Sumitomo Fusion Splicers

Sumitomo Fusion Splicers

Genuine Japanese Sumitomo arc fusion splicers.