//Passive Fibre Devices

One of the main drivers of the mass uptake of fibre optic telecommunications by consumers directly has been the move towards passive optical networks. Passive optical networks utilise low cost, high functionality & highly reliable passive fibre devices or components. Passive optical networks are distinguished by their point to multi point architecture – whereby unpowered passive components are used to enable a single fibre to serve multiple endpoints. This eliminates the need to provision individual fibres from the hub to the customer – rather requiring only a short run from a remote optical splitter to each individual customer.

Fibre Optic Systems’ manufactures a range of passive optical fibre devices including:

  1. Optical Splitters
  2. Optical Circulators
  3. Wavelength Division Multiplexers
  4. Isolators and Filtered Multiplexers
  5. CWDMs and DWDMs
  6. Build out and Variable Attenuators