Product Description

Fibre Optic Systems’ range of fixed fibre optic break out enclosures and trays are proudly Australian designed and assembled. Fixed enclosures and trays offer a simple to use and cost effective termination enclosure. Fixed enclosures and trays differ from sliding enclosures in that they are typically used for patching pre-terminated fibre assemblies, or where re-entry into the enclosure to modify splices is rarely required.

These enclosures and trays are available in a host of configurations and connector variants. A broad range of adapter plates in both flat and angled, versatile cassette mounting and excellent cable management internally & for entering cables, all combine to offer a tailored solution for your needs. Fibre Optic Systems offers both a fully enclosed rodent proof fixed enclosure in 2 panel modular and 48SC high density variants, and an open entry, compact depth unit suitable for pre-terminated cable assemblies.


The fully enclosed version of our fibre optic break out tray (Fixed enclosure) offers protection against rodents by eliminating ingress points into the enclosure. The fully enclosed fixed tray also allows for the installation of Fibre Optic Systems’ splice trays for fusion splicing of fibre onto pigtails.
Alternatively, the shallow, open back version of our fixed enclosure (Fixed Tray) offers ample cable entry space and tie down points for high fibre count cable assemblies. The shallow nature of this enclosure allows for installation into even the most compact racks and frames, while maintaining protection of delicate fibre breakouts.