Product Description

Fibre Optic Systems’ CoreLink Plus Wall/Din Mount Enclosure

Modular DIN enclosure is an innovative and rugged fibre termination enclosure. Suitable for installation in industrial environments due to its passive nature and strong powdercoated steel construction. The Modular DIN enclosure can be mounted on standard 35mm DIN rail, or alternatively, surface mounted through the enclosure or using the supplied mounting ears.

These enclosures are suitable for installation of pre-terminated fibre assemblies, or for splicing pigtails onto incoming loose tube, riser or microcore cable. The innovative hinged lid allows for clear access into the enclosure when splicing while keeping the splice tray in place during installation. Fibre management is maintained inside the enclosure and the modular panel allows for termination of up to 24 fibres on LC duplex connectors. The modular DIN enclosure allows for any panel from the CoreLink Plus range to be installed using the simple snap in clips.

The CoreLink Plus range of enclosures is available both unloaded or loaded with adapter plates, through adapters, pigtails and splice cassettes as required. Contact FOS for enquiries on pre-loaded enclosures.