Product Description

FOS is glad to offer the CoreLink Plus Sliding Enclosure – 2RU

scope of Australian outlined and amassed fiber optic end items, walled in areas and adornments. These walled in areas and related frill are accessible in vast assortment of designs to suit a large group of systems administration necessities from low thickness to high fiber establishments.

Standard walled in areas are accessible in a large group of link passage and connector variations. An expansive scope of connector plates in both level and calculated, flexible tape setups and astounding in-plate link administration & remotely to incoming links, all consolidate to offer a customized answer for your necessities.

Fenced in areas come standard with an extraordinary secure/glanded, sliding link passage section yet can be arranged with a settled section conductor transport framework (enquire for particular datasheet) or rat confirmation link section.

The 2RU CoreLink Plus nook offers limit with regards to 4 secluded coupler boards and joining of up to 96 fiber while using FOS graft tapes.