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Fibre optic cable assemblies

form the connections between active elements in all optical fibre networks. Similar in function to electrical data cable in typical legacy networks, optical cable assemblies transmit data down glass fibre between active transmitters and receivers. Fibre optic assemblies come in a range of styles ranging from short single and dual fibre patch leads through to long multi-fibre backbone leads capable of transmitting vast amounts of data. Cable assemblies are supplied with each individual fibre terminated with a connector to allow for simple connection into active equipment or daisy chaining into a long link. Particular care must be made to ensure each fibre connects between a transmit and receive port on two devices to ensure functionality of your optical network.

Fibre Optic Systems offers a range of pre-terminated optical cable assemblies including:

  1. Customised multi-fibre assemblies
  2. Simplex and duplex patch leads
  3. Pre-connectorised pigtail fibres
  4. Harsh environment ruggedised assemblies

Browse our range of optical cable assemblies below or call us for more information regarding your particular application.

Cable Assemblies - Deployable Cable Reels

Deployable Cable Reels

Cable Assemblies - Harsh Environment Connectivity

Harsh Environment Connectivity