//Termination Enclosures

Fibre optic enclosures, sometimes referred to as fibre optic break out trays (FOBOT), are utilised as termination trays, patch panels, or both, in your fibre optic network. Offering protection for your preterminated fanouts or spliced pigtails, and presenting terminated connectors in a convenient patch panel, allows for convenient intergration of backbone links into fibre networks. FOS offers enclosures in a wide range of styles to suit the location, environment and existing equipment installed. FOS enclosures can be ordered as kit with all associated components pre loaded, or separately for assembly on site.

Fibre Optic Systems offers enclosure to suit a range of network types and environments:

1. Standard rackmount equipment in splice and patch or patching only configurations
2. Sliding, fixed, pivoting and fixed entry sliding rackmount configurations
3. Wall enclosures perfectly suited for office communications rooms and remote locations
4. Industrial DIN mounted enclosures offer excellent integration into existing industrial networks and process controll applications
5. Cable management accessories including fibre management, cable covers, labeling templates and termination components