//Optical Fibre Cable

Fibre optic cable serves as the core backbone for all fibre optic networking. Fibre cable usually acts as the main and longest link between network transceivers. As a result it is imperative to select the appropriate type and quality of cable for your fibre network. Available in singlemode and OM1, OM3, and OM4 multimode to match your transceiver, FOS has cables to suit virtually all requirements. Fibre Optic Systems stocks a wide range of premium quality, low loss & high grade fibre optic cable in various constructions.

Fibre optic systems offers fibre cable in:

1. Loose tube cable for long distance outdoor fibre links in armoured and unarmoured varieties
2. Various tight buffered cable types for indoor/outdoor short fibre runs, preterminated cable assemblies and flexible installs
3. Specialty cable including military tactical cable, aerial cables and fire rated cables
4. A range of application specific and unusual cable types are available so please call for anything not listed